Graduation Announcements

How to Send Graduation Announcements

Prepare Your List

While you probably can’t invite everyone you’d like to your son or daughter’s graduation, either due to guest attendance limits set by the school or to the fact they live out of town, you definitely can and should send everyone announcements of a high school or college graduation. 

Plus, graduation announcements can also serve as invitations and a coordinating invitation with reply card may be added. If you plan on having a house party/backyard barbecue to celebrate the graduation, remember not to invite more guests than you can comfortably accommodate. It’s also a good idea, and common courtesy, to notify the neighbors in advance of a grad party, especially an outdoor one, and perhaps even invite them to the event.

So, who should be “for sure” on your list to receive graduation announcements? Close friends and family of course. But also consider those special few former teachers, activity leaders, employers or coaches that have provided an especially positive influence in the graduate’s life. Graduation is an important achievement that most people like to hear about

Gather What You Need

Decide on what you’ll be sending in your graduation announcements. A photograph of the graduate is a perfect addition if the announcement doesn’t have room for one. As you collect everything including postage stamps and good pens with dark ink, store it all together in one place.

When you’re ready to sit down and prepare the announcements for mailing, you won’t have to go running all over the house trying to remember where you put everything. You could designate a desk drawer or stash it all in a storage container. Here are some ideas of what to have ready:

*graduation announcements with envelopes
You can leave the non-gummed envelope flaps un-tucked. Place the flap side against the address part of the mailing envelope so it’s not showing when the mailing envelope is opened. The graduation announcement envelope should have the names of the addressees hand-written informally such as “Uncle Brian & Aunt Suzy.”

* mailing envelopes
These are gummed envelopes that should coordinate with the color of the graduation announcement envelopes. You definitely don’t have to stick to the classic white, but a black mailing envelope and white announcement envelope may just look un-coordinated. If you are using black, or a color such as the graduate’s favorite or the school color, carry the color scheme through tastefully. The mailing envelopes should have the names of the addressees hand-written formally such as “Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith” or “Brian and Suzanne Smith.”

*writing paper to co-ordinate with announcement and envelope colors
Sheets of writing paper can serve two purposes: 1.The paper can be used to include notes about graduation events and parties. 2. The paper is perfect for the graduate to write quick, yet thoughtful thank you notes for any cards and gifts received. Even though not everyone who receives a graduation announcement will send a gift, acknowledging every gift that is received is a “must do.”

Watch Your Timing

Allow ample time when ordering graduation announcements and other stationery. The sooner you can have all your graduation announcement supplies ready when you need them, the less stress you’ll have and the more organized you’ll be.

Choose a time when you’re unrushed to prepare the announcements for mailing and remember that some types may need added assembly work such as folding or adding ribbons. These extra touches can look amazing though, so don’t let a few extra minutes of preparation stop you. Remember to mail each graduation announcement within a minimum of two weeks from the graduation date – sooner if invitations are included.